Maiombe Forest

Maiombe Forest is one of the largest reserves of animal and vegetable species in the world, the second largest on the planet, just after the Amazon, with 290,000 hectares. The exuberance of its fauna and flora, consubstanciada in the variety of trees of up to 50 meters of height with woods very appreciated in the world-wide market. The main essences located there are: blackwood, ebony, African sandalwood, rare wood and ironwood. Its fauna is very rich and the animals, many of them considered as rare and in danger of extinction, enjoy international protection that prohibits their hunting, such as gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants and parrots, among others that stir up the curiosity of tourists. You arrive at the Maiombe through the road to the north of the province, passing through the localities of Fútila, Lândana, Buço-Zau and Belize.